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Welfare Scheme
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise and Customs
(Ad. IVA Section)
  Dated : March 30, 2007


  Sub : Sanction of Laptop Computers under the Scheme of utilization of 1% incremental revenue as incentive provision for CBEC - Regarding.

In terms of the provisions contained in paragraph 5.1 of the Department of Expenditure Officer Memorandum No.7(3)E-Coord./2006 dated 22.07.2006, provision of select number of Laptop computers to authorized Commissionerates and Directorates under the CBEC has been considered under the scheme of 1% of the incremental revenue being earmarked as incentive provision in the budget for 2007-2008 to enhance organization efficiency, infrastructure and wherewithal and has been approved by the Department of Expenditure and the Hon'ble Finance Minister. Accordingly, sanction of the President is hereby conveyed to the procurement and provision of 309 Laptop computers to various Commissionerates and Directorates at a total cost of Rs. 1.85 crores. The allocation of 309 Laptop Computers will be as given below.

S.No Commissionerates/Directorates Allocation
1. Director General, Central Excise Intelligence 3
2. Director General, Directorate Revenue Intelligence 3
3. Director General, Inspection 2
4. Director General, Vigilance 2
5. Director General, Service Tax 2
6. Director General, Audit 2
7. Director General, Export Promotion 2
8. Director General, Valuation 2
9. Director General, Housing & Welfare 2
10. Directorate of Publicity & Public Relation 2
11. Directorate of O & PM 2
12. Directorate of Logistics 2
13. Directorate of Legal Affairs 2
  Sub-Total 28
14. Director General, Systems and Data Management 15
15. 133 Commissionerates (2 each) 266
  Grant Total 309
  2. The Laptop Computers shall be procured subject to the following conditions :

(1) They shall have following minimum configuration :

(a) Intel Centrino, dual core processor;

(b) 1 GB, RAM;

(c) 80 GB HDD;

(d) DVD Write;

(e) Blue Tooth enabled;

(f) 15 inch Display;

(g) Multi-Media enabled.

(2) The procurement shall be made following GFR 2005, Rules.

(3) Cost of one Laptop should not exceed Rs. 60,000/-. There my be no objection if higher configuration Laptop is procured by filed units subject to cost ceiling of Rs. 60,000/-.

(4) The expenditure of procurement will be met from the budget allocations under "Information Technology" provided in 2007-2008. Additional funds from out of the incentive provision made will be allocated to each Commissionerates. Post warranty maintenance expenses/repair/up gradation will be borne on the regular budget.

(5) The Commissioner in-charge of the Commissionerate/Directorate and Director General In-charge of the Directorate as the case may be shall decide the allocation of Laptops. The officer who is given the Lap-Top, will personally be responsible for the safety an security of the Lap-Top which will remain Government property and will need to be surrendered at the time of handling over the charge. In case of loss, the loss will be recovered from the officer based on the book value of the Lap-Top. The officer concerned will be at liberty to have the Lap-Top insured at this personal cost.

3. This issues will be approval of IFU vide their Dy. No.64/07-IFU-II dated 15.03.2007.

  (Angna Ram)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
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