BASIC NO. 71/2005


Sub.: Constitution of Regional Advisory Committee (Organized Sector

          & SSI sector) for Central Excise Commissionerate, A’bad–I

 for the Block years 2005-2006


                        A new Regional Advisory Committee for the Central Excise Commissionerate, Ahmedabad – I, for the Block year 2005-2006 was set up and informed to trade and Dept. vide Trade Notice No.14/2005 dated 1st March, 2005. The Committee shall work under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner of Central Excise, Ahmedabad – I. On transfer of the Commissioner of Central Excise and Deputy Commissioner (Tech), there is change in the name of Chairperson and Secretary as under and rest of members of Regional Advisory Committee remains same as mention in the Trade Notice No. 14/2005 dated 01.03.2005.


01.       Smt. Jagjit Pavadia,                         Commissioner,                                  Chairperson

            Commissioner                                   Central Excise,

                                                                        Ahmedabad – I.


02.       Shri M.S. Parmar,                             Assistant Commissioner (Tech),     Secretary

            Assistant Commissioner                  Central Excise,

                                                                        Ahmedabad – I.


02.                   No member other than the nominated members can attend the meeting. Any member who will be absent for three consecutive meetings without adequate reasons, will be deemed to have withdrawn from the committee and his place will be filled up by a fresh nomination. In case, it is not possible for the nominated member to personally attend the meeting due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, another representative of the organization may attend with the permission of the Chairperson.


03.                   The functions of the Committee are purely advisory in nature relating to resolving the procedural or other difficulties of a general nature so as to enable the administration to take steps to solve them.


04.                   The Committee will ordinarily meet once a quarter for the organized sector and once in six months for the SSI sector at such place as the Chairperson may decide. The term of the committee will expire on 31.12.2006.


05.                   All Trade Association / Chamber of Commerce and the members of the Regional Advisory Committee are requested to bring this changes to the notice of their member/ manufacturers.


06.                   The nominated members are requested to acknowledge the receipt of this communication.  










F.No.:IV/16-02/MP/2005                                                                     Date : 9th November, 2005.


Copy to :

The Under Secretary,           : With ref. to the Ministry’s letter F.No. 282/10/93/Cx.9 dated

Govt. of India,  20.02.1995 and this office Trade Notice No.14/2005 dated New Delhi. 01.03.2005.


The Chief Commissioner,   : With ref. to Trade Notice No.14/2005 dated 01.03.2005, Central Excise,  issued in response to transfer of Chairperson & Secretary. Ahmedabad.


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